JMI Barcodes provides customized IT solutions to a wide array of industries. These solutions include:

  • Cloud based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for almost any industry
  • Point of Sale support to small and medium sized businesses
  • Custom label and ID printing solutions for Hospitals, Laboratories, and Clinics
  • Barcoding solutions for Inventory, Warehouse, Shipping, Medical and more
  • Custom IT interface solutions for laboratory equipment
  • Easy Label Data Formatting
  • Legacy Printer Replacement Solutions
  • Custom cut and standard labels

ERP in the Cloud

JMI Barcodes uses ERPNext as the foundation of our world class ERP solutions. ERPNext is an open source ERP system based on a solid framework designed exclusively for supporting Cloud based SaaS systems. When using a Software-as-a-Sevice system for your business, you are taking advantage of the portability and mobility of the internet. This means that you can connect to your business from almost any device, anywhere in the world.

ERPNext, being an open source platform, means that it can be customized for almost any special situation that makes your business unique! There are already many industries that have standard modules in this system already including:

  • Retail Sales with a complete built-in POS system
  • Wholesale & Commercial Sales with Sales Team Management & CRM
  • Manufacturing with complete Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution with Multiple Warehouses in any location
  • Agriculture with Weather, Soil, Crop, and Irrigation Management
  • Education, Schools, and Commercial Training Centers
  • Contact, Lead, and Customer Management
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Volunteer Management
  • And so much more…

Barcoding & Identification

There are a multitude of applications for Barcoding and Identification Labeling. Sometimes it is for managing Production or Inventory, and other times it is for Identifying Patients or their Lab Samples and Medications.

It doesn’t matter what kind of IT system you have or how limited you may believe your printing options. JMI Barcodes can customize a solution to fit your environment. We can even allow you to edit your label layouts or even add new data to labels using logic from existing data.


You won’t find us on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other popular social platforms. Our clients prefer to keep the work we do for them proprietary and it is usually covered by Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements.

It doesn’t make us hard to reach though. It is likely word-of-mouth by a satisfied client that pointed our site out. However you may have found us, we are always excited to hear about a new project.

Our contact information is below. Please let us know how we can help you.